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At Essential Tech Solutions, we like to keep clients informed. Located in Springvale, ME, we offer IT services to small businesses throughout Maine and New Hampshire. As small business owners, it is essential to be in the know of the latest technological advancements.

Whether it is a new software that helps improve productivity, advice on what to do if your data is breached, or disaster recovery information, trust us to have researched and reported on it. Explore our blog below to learn the latest in technology information!

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WFH is Here to Stay. Are You Ready?

The year 2020 was nothing like what we had seen before. At a certain point in time, it felt like the world would come to a standstill. With lockdowns and travel restrictions imposed around the world, businesses were pushed into a ‘new normal’. One of the things that...

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Report a Scam

Law enforcement is taking fraud and ransomware seriously; whether by mail, phone or digital communications. If you receive items in the mail, take them to your local police station. They may address directly or direct you to other action. In the case of calls, text...

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Your Passwords Need to be Stronger

You will agree that having passwords to access your devices, networks and data is the first step to securing your business data. However, having passwords is not enough. The passwords have to be strong and difficult to detect or hack into. A lot of ‘smart’ devices...

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Data Security in the Work-From-Home Environment

Contact UsRemote SupportCall Us at 207-608-89002020 threw a lot of challenges at the world. One of them, from the business perspective, that overshadowed the others was cybersecurity. How were businesses to ensure data safety and security in an environment where they...

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The Cloud: a Solid Survival Tool During a Crisis

Contact UsRemote SupportCall Us at 207-608-8900One thing the pandemic taught businesses is the fact that it is important to move with the times, adopting and adapting to some of the latest technology. While you don’t have to be the first one in the market to invest in...

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Tech Agility: A Must-Have for Crisis Survival

Contact UsRemote SupportCall Us at 207-608-8900It is a known fact that survival of any species depends on its ability to adapt to change. One major change for businesses in 2020 was the need to switch to the work-from-home model to keep things running during the...

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