Ways Microsoft 365 Helps Cut IT Costs

Sep 6, 2022 | Uncategorized

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Want to switch to Microsoft 365, but are not sure if it is cost effective? In this blog, we discuss a couple of ways in which Microsoft 365 can help bring down your IT costs.

You pay as you go
Microsoft 365 is a subscription service; you pay the licensing fee on a monthly basis. It is a pay-as-you-go format. In the traditional Office set-up, there are two options. One is OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) which is typically offered on business systems. This license type is tied to the device you bought it for, meaning legally, you can only install it only on the device you bought it for. The other is retail, which while not tied to a single device, is limited in the number of times it can be activated on different equipment. OEM and retail licenses work well if you have to cover a machine that you intend to keep for some time and the version will be fully supported with security updates during the expected life of the machine you are installing it on. OEM and retail licenses are less expensive in the long run, but subscription services have their value if you deal with staff-level fluctuations, need to provide product licensing for multiple devices by a single user or desire other features of Microsoft 365.

You are paying only for what you use
In the traditional set-up, you are paying for installing and using the software program on individual devices. That means, if your staff numbers fluctuate seasonally, you can increase and decrease your license count as needed. If staff work remotely and don’t have access to the installers, then logging into the Microsoft portal allows them access to the program installers. With Microsoft 365, you are paying per user, and can use it on multiple devices used by that person. That means anyone can access it, from anywhere, using their credentials—whether from a computer, tablet or phone. This flexible approach to Office also makes it easy as your business scales up or down with fluctuating business needs.

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