SMBs in the Productivity Revolution

Dec 11, 2023 | AI, cybersecurity

We are entering an age of human productivity that has never been seen before. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will bring unimaginable leaps of productivity, the table is already set for a productivity revolution.

The past 25 years have seen the internet being built, services and tools have been created to leverage this digital highway, and vast amounts of data have been created and categorized. The next 25 years will utilize this data infrastructure to propel us to new heights.

Cloud-based infrastructure and SaaS software models all provide rapid updating and improvements that continuously provide new features and benefits to users. Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace provide productivity tools to billions of users. Salesforce, Netsuite, and QuickBooks online all provide access to powerful software that runs within a browser and is accessible from anywhere.

The key now is harnessing all of this digital power; using the vast infrastructure in a way that maximizes productivity but is done safely and securely. Every step forward with digital resources brings more and more cybercriminals.

The Path Forward

To realize this productivity revolution, we must ensure that we humans (business owners, employees and individuals) are trained on how to leverage these amazing productivity tools and use them in a secure way that maximizes their ROI.

Add in the huge productivity gains that will be realized with AI and we are entering a truly amazing period of human development. Stand-alone AI such as ChatGPT, Perplexity, Bard, etc. will be great tools. But the true benefits will be the integration of AI into other tools and software services.

The key to all of this is ensuring that employees know how to leverage these new transformational productivity tools efficiently and securely. Training employees will be more important than ever. Productivity tools will make us superhuman, but even Superman needed to learn to fly.

SMBs Will Lead the Way

Roughly 46% of employees work for SMBs. That being said, the next productivity revolution will be led by SMBs. It will only happen if we focus on SMB employees and train them on how to leverage the new productivity tools available to them. But how do you provide that training?

MSPs are positioned to lead by providing services that teach employees how to leverage these tools securely and efficiently. MSPs provide ongoing training that explains new features, shows productivity tips, integrates cybersecurity in the context of the specific tool, and makes the training engaging.

Training is Essential

SMBs have historically not invested in training their employees, especially compared to their enterprise counterparts. Training has been seen as an afterthought and not much value is placed on the ROI in terms of time and money invested.

A new breed of training is needed to capture the attention span of the ever-connected workforce. Short, relevant, and continuous training that is easily consumed is needed. Training employees in the age of TikTok and Reels must evolve to adapt to these kinds of micro-learning styles. The days of 6-hour classes or even hour-long classes need to be replaced with 30-60-second micro-learning videos. Training on specific functions or features will be how employees consume and learn.

Stand-alone cybersecurity is another outdated method of training. Cybersecurity is not a stand-alone topic, but rather constantly evolving. It must be integrated and a core part of training on any platform that an employee uses. Cybersecurity training must be woven into productivity training, so it is seamless and a part of how employees learn about the productivity tools they use.

MSPs see the help desk tickets and realize that most employees, and even business leadership, lack knowledge of tools like M365 and struggle to use the most basic features of the platform and often adopt habits that will leave their organizations at risk. MSPs can have a huge impact by leading the adoption of ongoing productivity and cybersecurity training.

Excerpt by Art Gross posted with permission of Breach Secure Now
Photo by geralt on pixabay

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