Lesser-Known Benefits of Co-Managed IT

May 9, 2022 | Uncategorized

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Even companies with IT staff on their payroll find having an MSP onboard offers benefits that exceed what they get from having just an in-house team. This blog explores some lesser-known reasons why the co-managed IT model is worth considering.

An Extra Hand During Emergencies
In the event of unforeseen emergencies such as service outages, data corruption or a natural disaster, you may need additional IT support to get things up and running again. Your IT team may not be able to do it all as quickly as you need or would like and, of course, adding to your IT staff wouldn’t be an option during such times. In a co-managed IT services model, you will have your MSP to support your IT team which will help you recover faster.

Especially Useful When Your Small In-House IT Team is Out
For a lot of SMBs, an in-house IT team comprises one or two IT technicians who take care of all their IT needs. But what happens when one or both are out of office unexpectedly? You can only cross your fingers and hope no major IT problem comes up. But, in the co-managed IT services option, your virtual IT team is just a call away!

You Retain Control Over Your IT
In a co-managed services model, you are not completely entrusting your IT to an MSP, as your in-house IT team will be collaborating with your managed services provider to meet your IT needs better. Thus, you retain quite a bit of control over your IT.

Useful IT Insights
When you bring an MSP onboard, you benefit from their expertise and on-the-ground experience. They can advise you on the latest IT trends in your industry and help streamline your processes and IT infrastructure based on what’s effective. An MSP can help you avoid blind spots. This kind of insight can be difficult with an in-house IT team as their exposure, time for research and focus on the day-to-day can hamper their efforts.

The co-managed IT model does not replace your IT team with an MSP. It augments and supports your existing IT team with an MSP and leverages their expertise to bring thought leadership in IT strategies into your organization.

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